Director of Property Acquisitions

Sarasota, FL - Full Time

Altez Vacations

Director of Homeowner Acquisitions

Job Description

Altez Vacations is a boutique vacation rental agency who specializes in the operation and promotion of vacation rental properties and other vacation related services. As an established business of 6+ years, Altez Vacations finds itself in the position for rapid expansion and growth to increase its market share in the hospitality industry and increase its overall awareness to the general public. Altez Vacations is looking for a Director of Homeowner Acquisitions who will lead the overall sales and marketing efforts to grow the Altez Vacations business and vacation rental portfolio.

Altez Vacations is looking for someone who is a self-starter and has the entrepreneurial spirit. This is a new position within the company and the individual hired for this position will have the ability to form their own division. Altez Vacations has established a strong operational foundation and is now ready for rapid growth and expansion in Florida as well as across the nation.

Starting in the position, we expect this role to serve as the primary sales agent responsible for direct property acquisitions. As this role (and the company) grow, this position will transition to managerial role as sales teams are built for or target locations.

The specific responsibilities and duties expected of the Director of Homeowner Acquisitions is outlined as follows:

Essential Sales Function

  • Acquire new vacation rental homeowners and properties to grow the Altez Vacations portfolio by a minimum of 3 new properties every month.

Essential Managerial Function

  • Designs and implements strategic plans to increase the overall vacation rental property portfolio and the homeowner acquisitions processes including following-up on leads, homeowner meetings, property walkthroughs, contract negotiation and signing, and onboarding processes.
  • Responsible for the creation, implementation, and promotion of the sales and marketing process and strategies as well as the initiatives that effectively describe and promote the Altez Vacations brand and its homeowner products and services.
  • Manages the strategy, development, and implementation of compelling content leveraging both traditional (collateral, print advertising, direct mail, etc.) and digital (social media, digital advertising, websites, email, etc.) sales tactics for launches, campaigns and other product and service sales efforts including sales meetings, tradeshows and events for publication of products/services.
  • Manages sales and marketing team members in the homeowner acquisitions department including, contractors, consultants, and third-party vendors by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions; planning and reviewing compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures.
  • Implements sales financial objectives by forecasting requirements, preparing annual and monthly budgets, scheduling expenditures, analyzing variances and initiating corrective actions.

Specific Job Duties

  • Manages sales and marketing strategies by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.
  • Identifies marketing opportunities by identifying consumer requirements, defining markets, analyzing competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, and forecasting projected market trends.
  • Oversees the implementation and management of sales funnels as they relate to the acquisition of guests and homeowners.
  • The Development, implementation, oversite, and management of Customer Relations Management Software
  • Create and maintain project plans to successfully move all projects forward in a timely, collaborative, and efficient manner.
  • Updates and maintains the content on the Altez Vacations Website. Works with the website team to implement design changes and feature upgrades.

Decision Making Latitude:

  • Must have the ability to think strategically and meet challenges both independently and as part of a team and work efficiently in a moderately-to-extremely busy office environment.
  • Know when to communicate problems to staff, owners, vendors, and/or guests when appropriate, to ensure effective communication and resolution.
  • Enhances the Altez Vacations team, organization, and reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 5 years of Sales & Marketing Experience
  • Highly efficient management and organizational skills
  • Exceptional writing skills in different styles (i.e., reporting, feature writing, expository, and persuasive). Demonstrated proficiency and resourcefulness in the use of all media formats, including new media, or social media, as well as traditional print and broadcast. Social Media
  • Highly proficient computer skills
  • Must possess high-energy/enthusiasm and be a self-starter.
  • Have excellent time management skills and a strong initiative.



Total Minimum expected annual compensation: $55,000

The Director of Homeowner Acquisitions shall earn a starting base salary of $36,356. Base salary increases will be earned with the growth of the Altez Vacations portfolio and sales team.

Additional wages are earned on a commission basis pertaining to the direct acquisition of new vacation rental properties. The commission potential per property is $1,000 the Director of Homeowner Acquisition personally obtains.

Additional Commissions will be earned at $200 per acquisition for the oversight and management of acquisitions that were acquired by sales staff under the direct supervision of the Director of Property Acquisitions.

Maximum Salary is uncapped.

Lead Acquisition & Contract Process – Earning Potential – $1,000 per acquisition

The solicitation, acquisition, and pre-qualification of vacation rental Homeowner leads. Qualified Homeowner Leads consists of:

  • Homeowners who have expressed intended interest or are currently using their property as a short-term rental.
  • Properties that are in locations that permit short term vacation rentals.
  • Properties that meet a minimum requirement of expected dollar value in top line rental revenue.
  • Properties that are of a minimum quality criterium to meet the Altez Diamond Standards or properties that have immediate intentions to invest into the design and staging of the property to meet the Altez Diamond

The act of obtaining signed Homeowner Agreements for the explicit purpose using the property as a short-term vacation rental.

  • Will be available to cultivate and follow-up on Homeowner Leads.
  • Will be the direct representative of Altez Vacations for the homeowner and will guide the homeowner through the Sales Process.
  • Will Conduct property walk throughs, evaluate the property on its rental potential and its ability to meet the Altez Diamond Standards.
  • Will follow guided steps of the sales process to achieve a signed Homeowners Agreement.
  • Will be knowledgeable of all Altez Vacations products and services and be able to effectively communicate and answer questions the Homeowner may have.
  • Will use accompanying sales and marketing material provided by Altez Vacations to explain and demonstrate the products and services offered by Altez Vacations.
  • Will effectively compose Comparative Market Analysis’s, Rate Projections, and Rental Proposals.
  • Will effectively compose and execute Sales Agreements.