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Company Overview

Enhancing Vacation Experiences

Altez Vacations specializes in the promotion and operation of boutique vacation homes for vacation home owners, and the creation of a personalized vacation experience for the traveling population. Through our rigorous Altez Diamond Standards and Pillars of Service, the Altez Vacations team provides owners and guests with the expertise that accompanies thirty years of leadership experience in the Hotel & Hospitality industry. Altez Vacations applies luxury hotel operational principles and practices to the dynamic world of vacation home rentals. Why limit your stay to a one size fits all accommodation; chose a full service home instead.

  • Enhanced Vacation Rentals

    It's More Than Just A Home

    Altez Vacations is partnering with vacation home owners who share in our passion for vacation rental homes that embrace the characteristics of unique locations and the communities in which they are found. Together, we are committed to providing outstanding experiences that will last a lifetime. Altez Vacation rental homes have been vetted and curated in accordance to the Altez Diamond Standards. Our specialized team members and vendors ensure that every vacation rental experience creates wonderful memories that last a lifetime. Our Owners provide the home to make dreams come true! Let us curate you next trip.

  • Pillars of Service

    Building A Foundation

    Altez Vacations is committed to Guests & Stakeholders through: Dedicated and Comprehensive Operational Expertise Passionate, Genuine, and Caring Service Excellence in Delivering Consistent Quality Ethical & Collabortive Business Associates Pro-Active Winning Solutions Achieving Desired Results & Creating Loyalty Engaged Community Involvement Positively Impacting Lives & Environment

  • Booking Made Easy

    One Click to Paradise

    Altez Vacations provides an easy and convenient booking experience for our guests. Our streamlined booking process allows the guest to pay for the reservation online through our secure payment portal. Future and current guests may conveniently access our Concierge portal to arrange special services, and to view activities and events occurring during their stay. Each home is represented by a Personal Home Liaison who ensures quality, cleanliness, and individualized service.

  • Vacations to Remember

    Better Than A Hotel

    Vacation Homes have many benefits which even the best Hotels do not provide. Reserving your stay with Altez Vacations ensures the vacation home of your choice will also meet the rigorous quality assurance standards found in the Altez Diamond Standards. Each home is unique with its own design and style which authentically connects to the destination. Every vacation with Altez Vacations is an opportunity to enjoy new experiences and to develop new interests and memories.

  • Altez Diamond Standards

    The Highest Standard of Quality

    The Altez Diamond Standards provide our guests confidence their discerning expectations will be met, while assuring our home owners their properties will be cared for with the highest level of quality. The Diamond Standards are comprised of three areas of focus: Service Standards - the 100-point service standards required by the Altez Vacation Team exemplifies the excellent care and service our guests and owners expect. Quality Assurance Standards - an extensive index of furnishings, amenities and supplies required of each vacation home in order to maximize its function. Cleaning & Conditions - the guidelines set for the housekeeping staff and property liaisons for the cleanliness and working condition of every vacation home.

  • Luxury Vacation Rentals USA

    Vacation Home Amenities

    The Comforts of Home

    Altez Vacations and our home owners want to ensure each vacation home is maximized to its fullest potential. Each vacation home provides a thouroughly supplied kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), and well-appointed living spaces in accordance with our Quality Assurance Standards. Amenities and supplies for children such as cribs, high chairs, and outdoor sporting equipment, are often available upon request (may include an additional fee). Pantry Stuffers: Check out our Pantry Stuffers concierge service provided by Altez Vacations staff who will shop and stock your vacation rental full of groceries the day of your arrival or during your stay. Housekeeping & Culinary services during the guest stay may be arranged via our concierge portal.


Great vacation destinations are built around the cities and communities that make such destinations unique. Altez Vacations is dedicated to partnering with local retailers, service providers, and vendors in order to provide an authentic vacation experience while supporting the continued growth of our local business community.
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Within The Home

From furnishings to decorations, toiletries to cleaning supplies, hand crafted amenities to consumable wares, Altez Vacations is striving to source as many of our “in home” products as possible. We find the products we use throughout our daily lives work just a little bit better if they come from a place of love and passion. Sure, we could source all of our products from the local retail chain, but then our homes wouldn’t be filled with the same unique character and excitement that make our destinations so desirable. Do you like the artwork and music in and around your vacation home? Contact our Altez Vacations team to learn more about our local artisans and how you may support their craft.


Vendors and Business Partners

What makes a vacation destination great? The activities and adventures that create laughter, thrills, and wonderful memories. Altez Vacations is forming personal relationships with local vendors, business’s, and service providers in order to share the benifits of an inclusive community with our guests. With the continued support from Altez Vacations, our local business partners are ready to ensure you’ll have the greatest vacation experience. Take a look at our Activities and Concierge pages to see how our local business will help maximize your vacation.


Community Organizations

Altez Vacations is partnering with local non-profit organizations to help improve the communities where we are based.  Scroll down to our section titled Projects & Services, to see how Altez Vacations is working to improve communities around the world. Do you have a local business or organization in one of our vacation destinations? Contact Altez Vacations to see how we can work together.


Here at Altez Vacations we are big fans of greener trees, bluer oceans and cleaner skies. Distinguished vacationers are looking for destinations whose communities are clean, well maintained, and naturally integrated into the environment in which they are found. Altez Vacations is proactively supporting environmental and sustainable practices on three fronts including; sustainability practices and standards, national redevelopment and preservation services, and wildlife education.
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Through continued collaboration and support of local governments, enviornmental agencies, and tourism & lodging committees, Altez Vacations is founding a set of Sustainability Practices and Standards in order to increase the awareness and appreciation for the local communities and environmentswhere our vacation rentals are based. Our current projects include;

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Shop Organic
  • Water & Energy Efficiency
  • Reduction of Toxic Chemicals
  • National Preservation and Redevelopment Services
  • Natural Wildlife Habitat Education
  • Tree Planting Services
  • Clean Water Organizations
  • Save our Beaches
  • Wildfire Prevention

If you are an individual or business who would like to find out more information or contribute to Altez Vacations quest to provide environmental friendly accomodations, please use the “Conact Us” button above.

Projects and Services

Two of our Core Values are community and passion, and the Altez Vacation Team has both when it comes to serving and supporting the communities in which we work and play. All of the communities in which we serve are dynamic in part due to the high level community engagement. Altez Vacations enthusiastically participates in projects and services needed to support our communities efforts to thrive. We actively donate our time, treasures, and talents to organizations that provide mentor-ship opportunities for children, youth, women and families in need, and in supporting arts so that our legacy as leaders in all creative art forms continues.
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Finally, and at times most importantly, is our active involvement with the business community and the operating governmental bodies which run our cities. If we want to have an outstanding community which provides quality of life for all, we must do our part to participate in the process. Come join Altez Vacations in participating community service projects in a vacation destination near you.


The Altez Vacations Team

With over 30 years of luxury hotel experience, the Altez Vacations team is combining the best practices of the hotel & hospitality industy with the expanding world of vacation home rentals. Each Altez Vacations team member is passionate about the opportunity to enhance the vacation experience for our guests, and the ownership potential for our vacation home owners. The Altez Vacations team is dedicated to achieving results through the Altez Diamond Standards, our Pillars of Service, global strategic travel partnerships, and dynamic promotional & operational startegies. Come visit our Altez Vacation Team Page to learn more about our brand and how to become part of the Altez Vacations family.

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