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Diamond Standard Quality

Proven luxury accommodation standards for the operation, management, and care of our vacation rental properties.

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Personalized Staff

24- hour attentive service staff who look after every detail of a reservation for our guests and owners.

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Properties That Wow

Your home is the destination experience. Make the aesthetics, function, and form appeal to more guests.

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Luxury Property Management

From Cleaning to maintenance, inventories to inspections, and staging to scheduling, there is a lot to juggle when managing a vacation rental. Fortunately, Altez Vacations has built upon its years of hospitality management to build a foundation set on quality to product and service that allows our properties to meet our guests discerning tastes. Altez Vacations has the management services to make vacation rental ownership easy.

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    quality expectations

    Diamond Standard Quality

    The success or failure of a vacation rental property hinges on its ability to earn 5-Star reviews. Our promise to you is a promise to our guest. All properties will provide an environment which meets our property, cleaning, service, and quality expectations.

    Property Standards

    An index of furnishings, amenities and supplies required of each vacation rental to maximize the function of each home.

    • Provide the Features & Amenities your guests are looking for
    • Bi-Annual Inventory
    • Design & Staging Services
    • Life-Style branding

    Cleaning & Conditions Standards

    Guidelines set for housekeeping staff and property liaisons regarding the cleanliness and working condition of every property

    • 100-point Cleaning Checklist
    • Bi-Annual Deep Cleanings
    • Post-Stay Inspections, Closing and Securing
    • Rapid Response repairs and maintenance

    Service Standards

    Service standards that exemplify the excellent care and service provide to our guests and owners.

    • Altez Certified Training
    • Pre-Stay Arrival Property Opening
    • Stocking of Guest Supplies
    • Personalized Welcome Amenities

    team-based approach

    Personalized Staff

    The traditional property management model is antiquated in the short-term rental market. Property managers rapidly become overwhelmed with the consistent day-to-day responsibilities leading to substandard performance. Altez Vacations provides a team-based approach of dedicated and attentive staff to provide comprehensive services for both our owners and guests.

    • Service Liaison: Our first in-line dedicated team member who oversees the day-to-day operations of the properties before, during and after each reservation.
    • Property Operations Managers: Our project managers and long-term operational strategists who coordinate, facilitate, and support the Service Liaisons, Housekeeping, and Maintenance staff to ensure the continued success of each property.
    • Guest Service Managers: Our dedicated guest advocate, experience builder, and concierge, who manages every guest reservation and ensures guest happiness.
    • Maintenance: Contracted local vendors to provide a comprehensive maintenance service including maintaining features around the house such as pools/spas, appliances, and landscaping.
    • Housekeepers: Expertly trained cleaning staff to provide consistent outstanding properties. Our properties are cleanest in the industry.

    design and staging

    Creating Properties That Wow

    Make your home part of the destination experience. Let Altez Vacations take care of the design and staging of your property. Altez Vacations specializes in helping your property find its unique selling point to make sure it stands out from the crowd.

    All Altez Design & Staging services are individualized based on the unique nature, function, and artistic elements of the home. The Altez Team and each homeowner collaborate to come up with a pricing strategy based on your project goals, the design components, and overall square footage of the home. We accomplish this through our 5 Stages of Detail to comprehensively examine every aspect of the guest stay from the Micro to the Macro.


    What is the 10,000 ft view? Where is the property, what are its immediate surrounding? What does the general location offer to the guest?


    What type of property is it? What is the properties Architectural Style, what is it’s floor plan? How are you accentuating these features, and qualifying its fixtures?


    Who does this property serve and for what purpose?


    What are the furnishings, fixtures, and amenities of the property? How do they contribute to the aesthetic, form, and function of a three-dimensional space: length, width and height, scale and size, position and relation?


    It’s the Finesse of the property. Small features and amenities that increase the function of the property and the guest experience. How do these textures engage the 5 senses and acquire the guests’ desires?

    Vacation Rental has never been hotter.

    Don't wait another second, it's time to catch the wave, with the right partner it's never been easier.

    • Saved My Home

      I ran into some financial difficulties and decided that I would rent my house as a short term rental to supplement my income. Altez Vacations did a great job booking and managing my property, I never had to worry about anything, Altez took care of it. Through Altez's efforts I…

      William H., Fl

      An Owners Perspective

      I decided to do a trial run and allow Altez Vacations to manage the Aerie as a lease/rental property. To my surprise and pleasure, I have never seen the Aerie kept in better condition. Altez Vacations hires only the best staff to care for the Aerie and also lease to…

      Jerry D., NC


      If you're looking for a exceptional organization to partner with for leasing your property, search no further than Altez Vacations! I am so pleased and impressed with their superior performance. Altez Vacations is a trustworthy, responsive, and professional operation. Altez Vacations employs all the relevant platforms to effectively market your…

      Jane C, Florida
    • The Perfect Place To Get Away

      The house here is perfect. We stayed for three days with another couple and had a blast. We fished off the dock in the neighborhood at night and went to the beach and swam in the pool for most of our vacation. The pool is nice and quiet and the…

      Liz W., Florida

      A Slice Of Heaven In Sunny Siesta Key!

      We absolutely loved everything about our rental! Spacious, beautifully decorated with loads of amenities - it was perfect for our needs! Everything was in excellent condition - we especially enjoyed the modern kitchen. Screened-in patio was ideal for end of day cocktails. We were very close to Siesta Key beach…

      Maia G, Florida

    marketing strategy

    luxury vacation rental property management costs

    Converting High quality Service into more reservations

    For many owners, the ability and decision to make a quality-based vacation rental comes down to the ability to make the return-on-investment worth it. Top performing properties need a comprehensive marketing strategy based on data and ingenuity. Altez Vacations incorporates a multi-layer analytical marketing approach to get your property in front of the right guests to increase your demand and rental revenue.

    Learn more about how Altez Vacations is able to make you a Top Performing Property.

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    Featuring two comprehensive services to meet your needs.


    For the homeowner who wants to manage their own property but does not want to handle the time-consuming tasks of answering inquiries and guest questions. We will handle all the upfront work from marketing and promoting to answering inquiries and booking to collecting payments so you can focus on the management of your property.

    Full Service

    Sit back and relax as we manage every aspect of your rental property. From marketing and promoting, to housekeeping, stocking, staging, maintenance and more. Our dedicated 24/7 on the ground services will ensure that your property receives a comprehensive hands-on approach for every reservation.

    Altez Vacations Services Collective
    Full Service
    Altez Certified Standards
    5 hours of Design & Staging Consulting
    Professional Photography
    Individualized Marketing Plan
    Global Listing Distribution
    Nightly Dynamic Rate Pricing
    Reservation Management
    Rental Agreement
    Payment Collection
    Guest Pre-stay Communications
    Management of Taxes & Permits
    24-Hour Guest Assistance
    Stocking of Guests Amenities
    Scheduled Maintenance Services
    Housekeeping Services
    Post-Stay Inspections
    Steps to Partnership

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    Select the best level to fit your needs

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    Owner Representative

    A Personal Owner Representative will ensure we are providing the right services for you

    Registration Completion

    Complete agreements. Property Evaluations, Comparative Market Analysis, and Assesment as needed

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      FAQ’s for Owners
      How will we insure your home is safe and secure?

      The meticulously selected staff of Altez Vacations is here to serve you and your home. Our on-site property liaisons, and housekeeping staff are always available to ensure your property is well cared for. Regular site visits and inspections not only protect your home from any unwanted visitors but also report any structural or mechanical issues that may compromise the integrity of the home.

      What if there is a mechanical issue at the home?

      Oh no, the air conditioning has broken! No need to sweat it. Altez Vacations has been building a trusted list of vendors nationwide. We can help arrange and coordinate any repairs that may be needed for your property. Payment options and plans will be organized in the Home Owner Contract.

      Will I still have to pay for my utilities while my property is rented?

      Maintaining and paying for the homes utilities is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. The goal of Altez Vacations is to generate enough revenue for your property so the rental revenue will cover these expenses.

      What if something is damaged, broken or stolen?

      Altez Vacations mandates all guests provide a refundable security deposit for any damages that may incur during their stay on your property. This security deposit is based on an estimated percentage of the net worth of valuables in your home agreed upon in the Altez Vacation Home Assessment form. Any damages exceeding the security deposit amount will be held against the guest credit card they provided at the time of the reservation and agreed upon in the Guest Contract.