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Licensed Real Estate Investement Brokerage firm with years of industry expertise utilizing Dynamic Revenue Managment

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Safegaurding Your Asset

Professionally accredited staff, guest screenings, damage protection insurance, rigorous operational policies

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5-Star Hospitlaity

5-Star Hospitality

More guests return to stay because of our rigourous Altez Diamond Standards. Ensure the best with your rental.

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Vacation Rental Property Management Services

Boutique Vacation Rental Property Management

Your vacation property deserves a personalized solution to property management.

Altez Vacations offers world-class boutique vacation rental property management services along the Florida Gulf Coast and Southern California. Whether you are a first-time 2nd homeowner or a seasoned real estate investor, our property management services are tailored to safeguard the property, maximize financial success, and provide 5-star hospitality services.

From beachfront condominiums, mountain cabin retreats, or stand-alone homes our local team of dedicated property management professionals leverage years of hospitality expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a hands-on approach to personalize care for your property.

Spend less time worrying about your vacation home and more time enjoying the benefits and aspirations of vacation home ownership.

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    Basic Marketing
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    Poor Homeowners Relationships
    Altez Vacations
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    Hospitality Professionals with 5-star hotel experience
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    Tailored Owner Experience
    Dynamic Revenue Management
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    National Management Corporations
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    Featured Properties
    • Pet-Friendly

      Coastal Chic Retreat

      City: Sarasota | Beds: 3 | Baths: 2 | Sleeps: 6
      Nestled in the serene neighborhood of South Gate, Siesta Key, our contemporary 3-bedroom, 2-bath oasis is the perfect blend of comfort and convenience for your dream vacation. Discover the charm of Siesta Key while enjoying the luxuries of a private home.
    • Pet-Friendly

      Driftwood House

      City: Sarasota | Beds: 3 | Baths: 1.5 | Sleeps: 6
      Nestled in the historical neighborhood of Gillespie Park, just a block away from the vibrant Rosemary District, stands the Driftwood House, our lovingly restored 1925 craftsman bungalow.
    • Marlow's Siesta House

      City: Siesta Key | Beds: 3 | Baths: 2.5 | Sleeps: 6
      Relax into the tranquil tropical escapes of Siesta Key’s, Marlow’s Siesta House. A 3 bedroom, 3,180 sqft luxury Siesta Key retreat located in the middle of Siesta Key.
    • Sandy Toes Condo

      City: Sarasota | Beds: 2 | Baths: 1.5 | Sleeps: 4
      Feel the smooth warm sand between your toes as you enjoy a cold tropical daiquiri at our beautifully remodeled 2-bedroom Sandy Toes Condo, Siesta Key.
    • Siesta Villa Florencia

      City: Sarasota | Beds: 2 | Baths: 2 | Sleeps: 4
      Introducing Siesta Villa Florencia, a masterfully crafted 2-bedroom, 2-bath villa boasting Italian design and modern amenities.
    • The Waverly Palm Springs Condo

      City: Palm Springs | Beds: 1 | Baths: 2 | Sleeps: 4
      Beautifully appointed Palm Springs Condo, perfect for your weekend desert getaway!
    • Villa Krystal

      City: Siesta Key | Beds: 4 | Baths: 3 | Sleeps: 7
      Ease into the modern styling of the beautifully furnished stand-alone home, Villa Krystal. Located directly on Siesta Keys inter-coastal waterway in the highly desirable Polynesian Gardens neighborhood, Villa Krystal promises to bring you luxury stylings, amenities, comfort, and convenience.
    • Pet-Friendly

      Whimsical Cabin In The Woods

      City: Idyllwild | Beds: 3 | Baths: 1.5 | Sleeps: 6
      Take a scenic mountain drive up the San Jacinto Mountains just East of Los Angeles and find yourself nestled amongst the pine trees in our whimsical 3 bedroom cabin escape in Idyllwild, California.

    Featuring two comprehensive services to meet your needs.


    For the homeowner who wants to manage their own property but does not want to handle the time-consuming tasks of answering inquiries and guest questions. We will handle all the upfront work from marketing and promoting to answering inquiries and booking to collecting payments so you can focus on the management of your property.

    Full Service

    Sit back and relax as we manage every aspect of your rental property. From marketing and promoting, to housekeeping, stocking, staging, maintenance and more. Our dedicated 24/7 on the ground services will ensure that your property receives a comprehensive hands-on approach for every reservation.

    Altez Vacations Services Collective
    Full Service
    Global Markting & Listing Distribution
    Reservation Management
    Guest Screening
    Payment Collection
    Dynamic Revenue Managment Pricing
    Professional Photography
    Guest Pre-stay Communications
    Management of Taxes & Permits
    Altez Certified Diamond Standards
    24-Hour On-site Manager
    Housekeeping Services
    Post-Reservation Inspections
    Post-Cleaning Inspections
    Pre-Reservation Inspections
    Scheduled Maintenance Services
    Stocking of Guests Amenities

    Added Benefits

    Staging & Design

    Let us furnish and stage your property to create an eye-catching listing.


    Professional Photographer and Videographers to tell the story of your property.

    Linen Program

    Save the Cost of maintaining linens. providing high quality linens and towels.

    Concierge Programs

    In-house concierge services create lasting memories for your guests.

    Unlimited Owner Nights

    Use your property when you desire. It’s easy to block out time for you and your family.

    Steps to Partnership

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    Select the best level to fit your needs

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    Complete our owner inquiry form, or send us an email directly

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    A Personal Owner Representative will ensure we are providing the right services for you

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    Complete agreements. Property Evaluations, Comparative Market Analysis, and Assesment as needed

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      FAQ’s for Owners
      The Vacation Rental Guest Screening Verification Process
      One of the most critical responsibilities of a vacation rental manager is to ensure that our properties are rented to responsible guests through a guest screening verification process. Having a dependable guest not only protects the property's value but also provides peace of mind to the property owner. Altez Vacations goes to great lengths to ensure that our guest screening verification process is always up to date.   Extensive Guest Verification: We begin the guest verification procedure as soon as possible. We undertake an automatic screening of the guest through our integrated partner,, using basic information obtained from the guest at the time of booking. The software performs a full background check, utilizing global databases to validate the guest's identification and search for any previous offenses. This is crucial for us because it helps us screen potential high-risk renters, ensuring that our properties are in excellent hands. Instant Feedback: Time is of the essence in the vacation rental business. Waiting several days for a background check result can lose us a booking. We acquire a comprehensive report on the visitor, allowing us to make informed judgments swiftly. Screening Criteria Can Be Modified: Because each property and owner is unique, the screening criteria can be modified. understands this and allows us to develop custom screening rules. Whether it's a pet policy, an age restriction, or any other unique condition, the program adapts to our needs. Insurance Provides Peace of Mind: In addition to screening, Altez Vacations offers accidental damage insurance coverage as an added degree of security. There is a safety net in place to ensure that property damage is paid in the uncommon event that something goes wrong.
      How Much Does it Cost to Own A Vacation Rental?
      The cost of owning a vacation rental varies based on factors like the property's location, type, size, and the amenities you offer. Here's a breakdown of the expenses you might encounter when owning a vacation rental property:   Acquisition Costs: This covers the property's purchase price, closing costs, and any renovations or refurbishments to make it ready for renting. Management Fees: Hiring a property management company means accounting for their fees, which often range between 20% and 40% of rental income. Cleaning and Maintenance: Ensuring the property stays in top condition requires cleaning between guest stays, performing routine inspections, and making repairs. While guests usually cover Standard Cleaning Fees, owners should budget for a bi-annual deep cleaning. Utilities: Owners usually handle expenses for electricity, water, gas, and internet, especially for short-term stays. Insurance: You might need specialized policies for potential risks, such as guest damages, natural disasters, or liability coverage. Property Taxes: These taxes differ based on the property's location and value. Furniture and Amenities: Furnishing the property involves investing in furniture, appliances, and amenities. Plan for periodic replacements and upgrades. Marketing and Advertising: Attracting guests can entail costs like listing fees, website development, or online ads. Property managers often handle this. Guest Amenities: Expenses can include toiletries, linens, towels, and kitchen supplies. Sometimes, the Vacation Rental Manager's Fee covers these. Taxes and Permits: Your location may require you to pay occupancy or tourist taxes or secure permits for operating your rental. Guests typically handle sales taxes, and property managers remit them. HOA Fees and Rules: Owning property in a homeowners' association means paying dues and following their regulations. Accounting and Legal Consultation: Consulting with professionals about taxes, legal matters, or setting up a legal entity can incur fees. Miscellaneous Expenses: Plan for unexpected costs, like urgent repairs, landscaping, or property upgrades.   To determine the true cost of owning your vacation rental, create a comprehensive budget factoring in all these aspects. Remember, rental income can vary seasonally, and there may be times when it doesn't cover all expenses. Plan accordingly.
      What Is A Good Profit Margin For Vacation Rentals?
      The typical profit margin for a vacation rental can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the property's location, the local tourism market, the property's quality and upkeep, management expenditures, and the overall economic environment. Most vacation rental owners strive for a profit margin of 10% to 20%. This range is vast since rental properties and market conditions vary greatly. Profit margin in the context of investment real estate is a measure of how much net income a property produces as a percentage of its revenue. It provides investors with an idea of the property's operating efficiency and the potential return on their investment, excluding factors like property appreciation. Here's how to measure it:  

      Profit Margin Formula:

      Profit Margin = Net Income\Total Revenue Where:
      • Net Income is the total revenue minus all expenses associated with the property (excluding financing costs).
      • Total Revenue is the gross income generated by the property, typically from rents.

      Steps to Measure Profit Margin:

        Determine Total Revenue: This is primarily the rent collected over a specific period, but it can also include other income streams like laundry income, parking fees, or any other fees charged to tenants. Calculate Total Operating Expenses: These include but aren't limited to:
      • Property management fees
      • Maintenance and repairs
      • Property taxes
      • Insurance
      • Utilities (if not paid by tenants)
      • Marketing and advertising
      • Legal and professional fees
      • Licensing and permit fees
      • Vacancy costs (potential rental income lost when the property isn't rented)
      • Other miscellaneous expenses
        Determine Net Income: Subtract the total operating expenses from the total revenue.
      • Net Income = Total Revenue - Total Operating Expenses
      • Apply the Profit Margin Formula Using the net income and total revenue figures, calculate the profit margin.

      Revenue Factors:

      Rental revenue can vary depending on: Occupancy Rate: How frequently does the property rent? Higher occupancy rates may be seen in popular destinations or hotels with great marketing. Nightly Rate: Determined by the value proposition of the hotel in comparison to adjacent competition. Seasonality might also be a factor. Additional Revenue Streams: For example, selling experiences, renting out equipment (such as bikes or kayaks), or charging for late check-outs. Market Specifics: Profit margins in popular tourist destinations with high average nightly rates and consistent demand can be significantly higher. Properties in places with a short tourist season or significant competition, on the other hand, may have thinner margins. Trends: With the rise of platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO, the vacation rental landscape has altered, making it easier for private homeowners to enter the market. This transition has resulted in increasing competition in many industries, which may have an impact on profit margins.  

      Important Considerations:

      Financing Costs: Profit margin as defined here does not consider mortgage or other financing costs. If an investor wants to factor in these costs, they should be subtracted from the net income. Depreciation: For accounting purposes, real estate properties can be depreciated over time. However, depreciation is a non-cash expense and isn't typically factored into profit margin calculations for investment real estate. Profit Margin vs. ROI: While both metrics provide insights into an investment's performance, they serve different purposes. Profit margin focuses on operational efficiency, while Return on Investment (ROI) takes into account the total return relative to the amount invested. Property Appreciation: Profit margin does not consider the appreciation in property value over time. Real estate investors often benefit from both rental income (yield) and appreciation, so it's crucial to consider both when evaluating the total return on a property.  

      Capitalization Rate

      Understanding the capitalization rate (cap rate) of a vacation rental can also provide insights into its average profit margin. To illustrate, let's say you have a vacation rental with an annual Net Operating Income (NOI) of $20,000 and its current market value or purchase price is $200,000. Using the cap rate formula, Cap Rate = NOI - Purchase Price the cap rate would be 10%. If this 10% cap rate is considered average or typical for the market, it implies that properties in this market generally produce a return of 10% on their value before financing costs. This return can be equated to the profit margin for a cash purchase. It's crucial to understand, however, that while both cap rate and profit margin provide a percentage representation of return, they aren't strictly the same. Cap rate primarily focuses on the return relative to the property's value, while profit margin considers the return relative to the revenue. Yet, in markets where cap rates are publicly available or easily calculated, they can serve as a useful proxy or starting point for understanding potential profit margins.   In summary, the profit margin for investment real estate provides a snapshot of a property's operating performance, but it's only one of many metrics that investors should consider when evaluating a property's potential returns.
      What Does A Property Management Company Do?
      Full-service property management refers to the comprehensive range of services provided by property management companies or individual property managers to oversee and maintain vacation rental properties on behalf of property owners. Full-service property management tries to maximize rental income from the property while limiting the owner's participation and stress.

      Property Manager Roles:

        Property Marketing: Property managers are in charge of promoting and marketing vacation rentals through a range of Physical and Digital Marketing platforms. Digital Marketing platforms may include social media, their own website, Google Ads, and Online rental websites (such as Airbnb, VRBO, We also create premium property listings with skilled photos and content to attract potential visitors. Booking & Reservations: Property managers are in charge of making reservations, responding to visitor inquiries, and managing booking requests. We manage reservations, verify visitor information, and simplify check-in and check-out procedures. Pricing optimization: Property managers use data analysis and market research to find the optimal rental rates for a property. To maximize rental income, we use Dynamic Pricing to adjust prices based on seasonal demand, local events, and other factors. Guest Services: Full-service management frequently communicates with and supports guests. During their visit, property managers may give guests information about the property and nearby activities and respond to any questions or concerns they may have. Cleaning and maintenance: Property managers plan regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to keep the property in good shape and ready for each guest's arrival. This includes cleanliness, landscaping, and addressing any maintenance issues as quickly as feasible. Security and guest screening: To ensure the safety and security of the property, property managers may implement guest screening techniques. We also handle policies that cover damage deposits and security deposits. Finances: Property managers handle the financial aspects of renting out a home. This includes accepting rent payments and additional visitor fees, as well as regular payment and financial reporting. Legal Compliance: Vacation rental property managers are aware of the rules and license requirements in their area. We verify that the structure conforms with all applicable laws and regulations, such as zoning, taxation, and safety standards. Marketing and Promotion: In addition to listing the property on numerous rental platforms, property managers utilize marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media campaigns, and promotions. Owner Reporting: Property managers provide owners with regular reports on the status of their vacation rental, such as occupancy levels, rental income, and maintenance expenditures. We provide owners with regular information and updates to keep them informed.

      Full-service management may be especially beneficial for property owners who lack the time or skill to manage their vacation rental property themselves. Property managers frequently charge a fee or commission for their services, but given the convenience and potential for better rental income, it can be a reasonable investment for many property owners.
      Why We Advocate for Vacation Rental Damage Protection to Our Homeowners
      In the fast-paced world of vacation rentals, our primary mission is to keep the houses we manage, including yours, in good condition and safe. That is why we strongly recommend vacation rental damage protection insurance.

      Protecting the Value of Your Property

      Accidents in properties may and do occur, whether it is a broken decoration or an unintentional wine spill. While security deposits can be useful as a deterrent, they may not always cover considerable repair or replacement costs. This is when vacation rental damage insurance comes in handy. This insurance is intended to cover unintended damage caused by guests. This implies that, in the unusual event of a problem, we won't be left negotiating additional charges or subtracting unforeseen expenses from the deposit. Our primary purpose is to protect your property.

      Establishing Trust in Our Collaboration

      We recognize that your property is more than just a structure; it is an investment and maybe a part of your legacy. Adopting damage protection demonstrates our proactive approach to protecting your asset. It's a way for us to show you how much we care about you and your property.

      Increased Guest Confidence

      Many guests are hesitant to rent homes because of the potential for large fines for unintended damages. Promoting a property with damage protection insurance gives potential visitors peace of mind, making your house more appealing to prospective renters and resulting in higher bookings.

      In conclusion

      As property management professionals, we think that our clients deserve the best. Vacation rental damage protection is more than just another coverage for us; it demonstrates our dedication to preserving the integrity and value of your property. It's about cultivating a connection based on trust, openness, and a commitment to provide the greatest experience possible for both our homeowners and guests.
      What if there is a mechanical issue at the home?
      Oh no, the air conditioning has broken! No need to sweat it. Altez Vacations has been building a trusted list of vendors nationwide. We can help arrange and coordinate any repairs that may be needed for your property. Payment options and plans will be organized in the Home Owner Contract.
      Will I still have to pay for my utilities while my property is rented?
      Maintaining and paying for the homes utilities is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. The goal of Altez Vacations is to generate enough revenue for your property so the rental revenue will cover these expenses.
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