Guest screening to Esnure Peace of Mind

The Vacation Rental Guest Screening Verification Process

One of the most critical responsibilities of a vacation rental manager is to ensure that our properties are rented to responsible guests through a guest screening verification process. Having a dependable guest not only protects the property’s value but also provides peace of mind to the property owner. Altez Vacations goes to great lengths to ensure that our guest screening verification process is always up to date.


Extensive Guest Verification: We begin the guest verification procedure as soon as possible. We undertake an automatic screening of the guest through our integrated partner,, using basic information obtained from the guest at the time of booking. The software performs a full background check, utilizing global databases to validate the guest’s identification and search for any previous offenses. This is crucial for us because it helps us screen potential high-risk renters, ensuring that our properties are in excellent hands.

Instant Feedback: Time is of the essence in the vacation rental business. Waiting several days for a background check result can lose us a booking. We acquire a comprehensive report on the visitor, allowing us to make informed judgments swiftly.

Screening Criteria Can Be Modified: Because each property and owner is unique, the screening criteria can be modified. understands this and allows us to develop custom screening rules. Whether it’s a pet policy, an age restriction, or any other unique condition, the program adapts to our needs.

Insurance Provides Peace of Mind: In addition to screening, Altez Vacations offers accidental damage insurance coverage as an added degree of security. There is a safety net in place to ensure that property damage is paid in the uncommon event that something goes wrong.