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What Does A Property Management Company Do?

Full-service property management refers to the comprehensive range of services provided by property management companies or individual property managers to oversee and maintain vacation rental properties on behalf of property owners. Full-service property management tries to maximize rental income from the property while limiting the owner’s participation and stress.

Property Manager Roles:


Property Marketing: Property managers are in charge of promoting and marketing vacation rentals through a range of Physical and Digital Marketing platforms. Digital Marketing platforms may include social media, their own website, Google Ads, and Online rental websites (such as Airbnb, VRBO, We also create premium property listings with skilled photos and content to attract potential visitors.

Booking & Reservations: Property managers are in charge of making reservations, responding to visitor inquiries, and managing booking requests. We manage reservations, verify visitor information, and simplify check-in and check-out procedures.

Pricing optimization: Property managers use data analysis and market research to find the optimal rental rates for a property. To maximize rental income, we use Dynamic Pricing to adjust prices based on seasonal demand, local events, and other factors.

Guest Services: Full-service management frequently communicates with and supports guests. During their visit, property managers may give guests information about the property and nearby activities and respond to any questions or concerns they may have.

Cleaning and maintenance: Property managers plan regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to keep the property in good shape and ready for each guest’s arrival. This includes cleanliness, landscaping, and addressing any maintenance issues as quickly as feasible.

Security and guest screening: To ensure the safety and security of the property, property managers may implement guest screening techniques. We also handle policies that cover damage deposits and security deposits.

Finances: Property managers handle the financial aspects of renting out a home. This includes accepting rent payments and additional visitor fees, as well as regular payment and financial reporting.

Legal Compliance: Vacation rental property managers are aware of the rules and license requirements in their area. We verify that the structure conforms with all applicable laws and regulations, such as zoning, taxation, and safety standards.

Marketing and Promotion: In addition to listing the property on numerous rental platforms, property managers utilize marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media campaigns, and promotions.

Owner Reporting: Property managers provide owners with regular reports on the status of their vacation rental, such as occupancy levels, rental income, and maintenance expenditures. We provide owners with regular information and updates to keep them informed.

Full-service management may be especially beneficial for property owners who lack the time or skill to manage their vacation rental property themselves. Property managers frequently charge a fee or commission for their services, but given the convenience and potential for better rental income, it can be a reasonable investment for many property owners.