June 15 2018 By: Denise Campbell

Altez Lifestyle Explores Sarasota Outdoors

Sarasota Florida has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the desire to live outdoors. Warm temperatures and sunny days provide a beautiful backdrop for nature walks, fishing, water activities, and bird watching. Here are a 3 of our favorite ways to enjoy Sarasota outside!

1. Myakka State Park is one of Sarasota’s most visited ‘natural’ attractions. Myakka river spans a 58 mile stretch and consists of wetlands, prairies and pinelands. If you are looking for an experience which includes wildlife and the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature – this is the spot for you. Myakka is open from 8AM to sunset each day and places for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and boating on two separate lakes. Hikers will also enjoy the trails through the lands and campers can take advantage of basic or more comfy camp options. There are daily boat tours for those who would like a guided experience, a visitor center for map layouts and information, and a lot of wildlife around for those who are birders or one who might be interested in seeing the Florida alligator in its element! Enjoy this special place.


  • Wear bug spray and sunscreen
  • Go to the Myakka website for trail guides, details and directions
  • Pink Gator Café – enjoy a meal and craft beer during your excursion
  • Keep the park clean – pick up after yourself in an effort to keep this beautiful natural park in tact

2. The Sarasota Celery Fields is provides another beautiful way to step off the beaten path and enjoy nature. The recently restored 360+ acre habitat offers places for those who are avid birders and can appreciate the siting of any number of the 217 bird species that have been recorded at the fields. The fields are managed by a local chapter of the National Audubon Society and are creating a new Nature Center which will host additional space for activities such as kayaking, fishing, and canoeing. There are 3 sections of trails, classes and a variety of workshops for those who are less interested in bird life but still want to enjoy the plant life and natural world experience.


  • Download the online Celery Fields checklist to track your bird siting
  • Take binoculars and wear comfortable shoes
  • Read the SRQ Bird Alert and Hot Spots before your day trip
  • Stay alert – pay attention during your walk – you never know what you’ll see!

3. Sarasota Bay Front Park is a perfect place for families who want to participate in a variety of activities during the day. Bay Front Park sits on the picturesque Sarasota bay marina and is the western bookend to the vibrant downtown area. The park hosts places to places for kids and families to enjoy boating, walking, picnicking, dining, canoeing, jet skiing, biking and is also a pet friendly park for those who want to bring their furry friends. You can enjoy a fun in the sun day here with water activities followed by a stroll during sunset. Check out Bayfront Excursions for water toy rentals. If you’re interested in some live music and a cocktail, you can stop by the casual O’leary’s Tiki Bar, or Marina Jacks Blue Sunshine Patio. For a piano lounge or more formal experience head to the Marina Jacks Deep Six Piano Lounge or Dining Room.


  • Parking – plenty of bay front parking and valet options available at Marina Jacks
  • Secure reservations for the Marina Jacks Dining Room in advance
  • Make reservations in advance with Bayfront Excursions for a family boating day
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses and SPF
  • Bring a camera if you’re staying for sunset – chances are it will be spectacular!

We hope you enjoy these perfect spots to spend the day outdoors. Stay tuned for more suggestions as the Altez Lifestyle team explores Palm Springs, North Carolina and Siesta Key!

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