April 10 2017 By: Kara Altice-Montes

Quality Matters

When potential guests, owners, and business colleagues ask “Why Altez Vacations?” – the answer is easy, it’s because Quality Matters.

I had the great fortune of working in an industry I loved for 30 + years – Hotels & Resorts.  Every day of each of those years was devoted to creating experiences for guests that were founded on Quality first.  From the reservations process, to the seamless arrival, the thread count of the sheets, type of feathers in the pillows, the scent of the guest room, amenities, the working condition of the room, the selection of music played throughout the hotels, the positive friendly and always helpful attitude of our staff; EVERYTHING when tied together appropriately, created an experience that represented the finest quality.  And best yet, our guests could count on this level of quality during every stay.  I loved connecting with our guests and team members, and was always so proud when I knew we made a positive difference in the outcome for each guest at the conclusion of their experience.  It was this passion for helping guests create wonderful memories at every level that made my career so rich!

When I decided to enter the world of private accommodations, as vacation rental home owner, I found the consistent quality standards present in four and five diamond hotels were incredibly rare in the vacation rental industry. This incited the birth of Altez Vacations and our mission since its infancy has been to blend the quality and consistency of the hotel world with the vacation home rental industry.

The private accomodations world is fun and exciting and opens a whole new world of travel options for guests AND for owners of vacation rentals.  It is an exciting time to be involved in the growth and improvement of the greatest change in travel since the hotel boom of the 1980’s.  With that said, the adventure for the guest should lie in the destination experience itself, not in worrying about the quality of the vacation home!  The vacation home experience should be the icing on the cake and serve as a best supporting actor to the creation of positive vacation memories.  We are here to do that work with a deep focus on quality and service outcomes. With Altez Vacations, Quality truly Matters and we’re here for the long haul to help create a benchmark for increased standards in the industy overall. Whether a home owner or guest, we hope you’ll join us in the ongoing conversation to support the private accommodations market and increase quality on a broader scale.


About The Author
Kara Altice-Montes

Kara Altice-Montes, is a 30-year Hotel Executive with strong leadership & operational expertise. Kara's career has included working as a Vice President of Operations and Area General Manager for Four & Five Diamond/Star Hotels with leading hospitality brands: Hyatt Hotels, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and Viceroy Hotels & Resorts. Kara began purchasing, promoting, and operating her own vacation rental homes in 2011. She quickly merged her expertise and passion for hotel operations, travel, quality, and relationship cultivation with vacation home ownership, and created the concept for Altez Vacations LLC. in 2011.

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