July 11 2016 By: Sean D. Altice

Why Hospitality? Time – A Guest Perspective

We wanted to start with the question, why hospitality? While the answer may be relatively simple we find the topic very fascinating.

The average American (let’s name them “Casey”) will work roughly 2,054 hours in a year (7.9 hours/day x 5 days x 52 weeks).[i] The time Casey spends sitting at a desk, building a house, making sales calls, farming the fields or whatever Casey’s job may be, Casey is accumulating two of the most sought after commodities in any position; Money and Vacation Time.

While the money is important and certainly the means in which to go on vacation, this particular blog will discuss the importance of Time to Altez Vacations within the topic, Why Hospitality.

As we all know, time is one of those pesky non-renewable resources. While the money spent on vacations can be re-earned and saved again, the time spent on vacation will never be re-earned or reimbursed. Therefore, for the majority of us, when we start planning a vacation, we start the planning process weeks or even months in advance. We will spend our limited free time away from our daily scheduled tasks scouring travel websites looking for the perfect vacation destination and accommodation.

By the time you choose an Altez Vacations accommodation, you have not only spent your precious time finding our accommodations but you have sold us your very finite time. It is within this idea of selling us your most precious commodity that we begin our quest to enhance the vacation experience.

Your time with us begins from the moment you stumble upon one of our accommodations. Whether you find us through the Altez Vacations website or a third party partner, we want to ensure the information provided is presented in a way that is easily navigated and understood to decrease the amount of time it takes you to decide if our home is the right choice for you.

You should never have to ask a question twice. Failure to have a question answered or provided with faulty or untimely information is a waste of your time. Our goal is to offer reservation information that is punctual and effectively explained the first time.

Providing unsatisfactory accommodations is a waste of time. From the first moment you walk through the front door we are setting a precedent for the rest of your vacation. When an accommodation is unsatisfactory, not only may you not enjoy your much anticipated vacation to its full extent, but you may also have to waste your time moving accommodations or working out refunds and reimbursements. Let’s stop wasting your time, and provide you with the products and services you want, the first time. (See our upcoming blog on “Fear” to find out how we are conquering the uncertainty in the hospitality industry)

Lastly, we strive to make sure everything is perfect when you arrive. However, if an unfortunate accident, damage or malfunction develops during your stay, we want to ensure the best solution to get your vacation back on track. No need to fret. Altez Vacations specialized property liaisons, mechanics and cleaning staff are here to solve the problems around your schedule to ensure your precious vacation time doesn’t skip a beat.

The time spent on your vacation is your time, and you should be able to spend it how you like. We are striving to ensure your greatest commodity is respected and accounted for in everything we do. Altez Vacations is here to ensure your time, has been well spent.


[i] http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/atus.pdf

About The Author
Sean D. Altice

I am the Co-Owner and COO of Altez Vacations. I believe that vacations are a way to cleanse the mind, body, and soul. As a result, I find great passion in connecting travelers and guests to the local communities and cultures that make each destination unique. Through our shared experiences, we are able to break down barriers and share within our commonalities.

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